Want to create successful & sustainable business without wasting time?

Business Advisory Clinic's Business Modelling Course will transform you from a novice taking a leap of faith to an entrepreneur taking their first step into success.

Starting with a clear & concise business plan is the ultimate key to any businesses success! Not sure where to start? Let us teach you how to build a business plan that will guarantee your vision for the future.

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Learn from our team of experts, with real-world experience & successes, how to strategically & accurately map out not only your product/service offer but how to deliver it directly to your customer base with efficiency.

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No more staying stuck or figuring it all out on your own.

Your don't have to walk this path alone

The truth is, most entrepreneurs get stuck in the exact same place.

You don’t have to walk this path alone Our Team of Industry Leading Coaches are here to help you navigate this new path.

Introducting Business Advisory Clinic

Business Modelling


This will give you the exact, step-by-step-roadmap for Designing your Ideal Business Modelling Canvas without wasting time & resources.

Here Are The Steps to Achieve Success Beyond Your Dreams

Module 1

An Intro to Business Modelling

Module 2

The Value Proposition of Critical Resources

Module 3

Consumer Centeredness

Module 4

Design a Business Model

Module 5

Business Model Alignment

Module 6

Your Business Model Feedback

PLUS, You’ll Also Get Access to…


Course Transcripts

What is inside?

Full transcripts of all module videos with detailed industry case studies. Easily downloaded for life, available you to revert back to keep a clear vision as your business evolves or for future new business endeavours.


Canvas Template

What is inside?

A guided template for the ultimate Business Modelling Canvas, the only tool you will ever need to create & execute a successful, sustainable business.


Course Videos

What is inside?

Multiple information-rich video lesson, each led by an industry leader with extensive success in the relevant modules. Once each module is released it remains accessible throughout the course & project. Available within your student area for repeated review & reflection.


Q&A Calls

What is inside?

Every business is unique but our talented CEO, Patricia Norris, knows exactly how the BAC Business Modelling Canvas is agile enough to transverse multiple challenges & industries. Access & watch real-life coaching video calls that highlight & answer some of the most common questions entrepreneurs experience on this journey

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Kick-start your entrepreneurial journey with clarity & focus.

Designing your unique pathway to sustainable success without stumbling through the predicable growing pains & challenges. Sign up for the highest quality of resources & guidance by committing yourself the Business Advisory Clinic Business Modelling 6 week program that will accelerate your businesses trajectory to warp speed.

Stop wasting time & resources, instead master the vital tools required to accurately analyze your own organization, understand your customer & marketing needs and successfully revise your business model to ensure optimum positioning within your industry. Design a roadmap that meets & exceeds your customers needs, ultimately converting them from simple end-users into ambassadors for your brand.

Business Modelling

Let us give you the key to unlocking not only your businesses unlimited potential but also your own as a business leader!
  • How to maximise profit
  • How to create, deliver & capture value
  • Defining the most important assets of a business
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Advisory Clinic Business Modelling Course is for entrepreneurs & CEO’s looking to either start or accelerate their own business in achieving new heights of success. Does that sound like one of your goals? then this course is perfect for you.

Internet access and a reliable computer, laptop or tablet should be sufficient to complete all lessons and tasks.

No prior experience is required for this introductory course, it guides you through a step-by-step process to ensure that wherever you are in your business journey maximum value is extracted.

The Business Advisory Clinic Business Modelling Course is designed for a wide variety of businesses across multiple industries. It provides the key fundamentals of successful modelling and planning regardless of whether you offer a service or tangible product

Your certificate will be provided digitally upon the successful completion of your course. It will be emailed either to the participant directly or corporate sponsor as requested within 2 weeks of completion. Check out our website for the certification requirements.

The student platform provides video & downloadable text resources to assist you through your learning journey. The video tutorials do require online access, however downloadable transcripts will be made available to allow for offline work. All submissions and tests must be
completed online.