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The Business Advisory Clinic is not solely business and funding focussed, we take a more personalised approach that takes self-discovery into account and looks at living in accordance with all the key areas of life that feed into your business.

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Ensure the growth & sustainability of your businesses through all phases of development by joining The Business Advisory Clinic

Our Purpose


Offer coaching from thought leaders who have reached the pinnacle of their Aspirations to support successful outcomes in every phase of your business and life.

training programs

We Provide a flexible training programs supporting Leaders, Entrepreneurs and professionals achieve inspired Performance.

reward yourself

Business Advisory Clinic believes that aligning with your chief purpose to fully express your primary reason you presently exist on earth relates to the most important and inspiring contribution you feel you can make with the most lucrative rewards for yourself.


Business Advisory Clinic founders are experienced thought leaders, in diverse sectors, with proven successes. Harnessing this well spring of knowledge and wisdom means the Business Advisory Clinic Professional Learner stands on the shoulders of giants to manifest inspirational achievement.

Professional Coaching

If while you are expanding and evolving along the journey of creating your dream, you occasionally run into mental, emotional, or physical roadblocks.

Business Advisory Clinic can support you in attaining or fulfilling your desired mission.

Professional coaching is the collaborative process of enhancing professional and personal growth through conversations & engagement with an experienced mentor, to help guide you in achieving your full potential.

Training Programs

Business Advisory Clinic offers a variety of training courses which will support your purpose as an entrepreneur or Executive. 

We focus on key areas of business development, starting with Business modelling and leading into the next course which is Feasibility study.  We then teach you how to design the optimal operational plan to execute the business model.   Having achieved growth we teach you how to scale your business to maximise markets and profits.

Business simulation program

Business Advisory Clinic uses business simulation as an experiential learning tool where participants run a virtual business in a simulated environment.

The simulation game lets users practice real-world skills in a realistic and risk-free setting that creates an interactive and fun learning experience.

It will be designed to develop leadership competencies based on creativity and innovation

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Business Modelling

  • How to maximise profit
  • How to create, deliver & capture value
  • Defining the most important assets of a business
6 June 2023

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R22 100
  • Automatic Registration for all upcoming course dates
  • A 15% DISCOUNT across ALL 4 of the online courses
  • A 1on1 pre-course consultation with your student liaison
  • A COMPLIMENTARY coaching session with our Business / Personal Development Consultant

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