Participant profile

What we are looking for

Our participants demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Leadership initiative – going beyond their defined scope of work.
  • An ability to “make things happen”, strong execution skills.
  • A visionary with a desire to shape the future.
  • Multi-cultural experience and sensitivity.
  • Ambitious and passionate learner.
  • At least three years of professional experience.

“Many students never get a proper understanding of how operations and financial statements fit together. I think Business Advisory Clinic Simulation makes these connections practical and completely clear to them.”

“A big benefit of education simulations is the flexibility. You can customize the simulation to your course by adding exercise modules that focus on certain parts of the syllabus”

“The business simulation has been an eye opener for both how relevant the theory was in prior courses, and how little I understood before the problem was in front of me in the simulation. That was a valuable experience”