Operational Design

Operational Design

  • Market interest in products / services
  • Manage input cost for competitiveness
  • Organisational blue print for innovation & creativity
24 Oct 2023

The Business Advisory Clinic Operational Design Course gives you insight into visualisation tables and charts that explains how the organisation operates.

Our approach is design thinking oriented hence based on Experimentation –  do, reflect, think and then reiterate the solution.

An operating model is essentially a value delivery chain: a sequence of steps that describe the main work of the organisation. The phrase “value delivery chain” comes from the strategy guru Michael Porter, BAC subscribes to the Porter model to teach the important steps of how to not only identify in the production process that which convert “inputs” into “outputs” for “customers”, but also on supporting functions and activities such as financial management, information technology and human resources.

Key Takeaways

  • Production Processes: Employ metrics defining whether production rates and qualities are optimal.
  • People: Investigate whether the right information, procedures, and training are in place.
  • Assets: Determine the costs of maintenance, along with any unanticipated increases or critical failures.
  • Systems & Data: Are the right systems in place to deliver reliable and timely data to personnel, whether they are local on the plant floor or working remotely?
  • Geography & Culture: Best practices to be transferred For companies with more than one location.

Course objective

Enable the establishment of a high level of asset reliability and enable the team to agilely maximize efficiencies throughout the entire manufacturing and corporate organisation, including the supply chain.

Course Syllabus


Although business owners and executives can benefit greatly from the BAC Operational Design course, middle management and key employees will gain incredible insight into the optimal functionality of your business if included in this training program. This is a fantastic team program that will promote communication, business acumen and departmental strategy to provide clarity on your business goals

The BAC Operational Design Course focuses primarily on operational optimization within a theoretical framework to ensure that all actions within your business are intentional and successfully rolled out across multiple departments and functionalities. This minimizes miscommunication and maximizes goal alignment across all sections of your business.

Formal business training is not a prerequisite for this course but some experience in mid-level management as well as completing the BAC Business Modeling Course can assist with some of the concepts addressed in this course.