Our client feedback

“Trish advised me as founder through our advisory board and one-on-one friendship sessions for two years. Her advice saved me in huge deals to navigate the deal-making process wisely and tap into what I really wanted from a business deal. She knows how to defend the business and the purpose of the business, inspire the participants in the contract and lead the direction. Her largest influence in my life was through the following advice: Let your purpose grow and grow and allow that purpose to become the change that you want to see in the world. Thank you, Trish, for all the great business and life advice received from you.”

“My engagements with Patricia have created a profound impact on the strategic intent of my business. Facilitating a space of exploration that unlocks high levels of innovation and creativity. Through delving into my personal values hierarchy, Patricia guides the dialogue ensuring alignment to the business vision and success. Offering implementation tactics and realistic actions that have driven true value to my future success.”

"I have been involved in personal and professional development for nearly five decades as an educator and consultant. I have travelled all over the world, to more than 263 countries assisting people in all walks of life, helping them grow and expand to something prosperous. Occasionally I run into some great leaders, captains of industry people who do extraordinary things. One such individual whom I've had the opportunity to work with for six years is Patricia Norris. At most I can say you have a first-class individual here, if you're an entrepreneur or you're doing a startup or you already have a business and you want to scale it up or you’re a CEO running a company and you want mentoring and guidance. This extraordinary woman beat the odds doing something unheard of in her country as far as entrepreneurship goes, overcoming tremendous barriers with her capacity to operate within highly complex environments. I am certain Patricia has the resources to help you do whatever you want to do to build your business using creativity and innovation".

"Patricia Norris is a mother, industry leader, mentor, and visionary of note. I have known her for 5 years as a mentor and friend. She is the embodiment of brilliance and creativity, an inspired and intuitive leader who leads with heart. She is a focused, hard worker and a determined leader. She has a heart and passion to help entrepreneurs in the continent and I have seen her setup initiatives such as Earheart that would set young entrepreneurs up for success through her extraordinary skills of pulling her network into a common vision and call to make a difference in the next generation. Trish has also been a personal mentor to me as a new entrepreneur, she helped me to shape the vision and aspire for more. She has encouraged me to build a transformational purpose and vision that has a wider reach and unlocks opportunities for others. Patricia is trustworthy, honest and passionate about growth and progress. I highly recommend her".