Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

  • How to pitch to funders
  • Conduct risk analysis
  • Understand business evaluation methods
15 AUG 2023

The Business Advisory Clinic feasibility study gives an understanding of the risks and rewards of potential projects and investments which is critical to managers’ decision-making process. The feasibility study program will support your endeavor to achieve a bankable outcome.

Projects could be designed well and fulfill all Funder’s requirements, but if project developers do not manage to get this across in the proposal, the likelihood for funding is low.  On the other hand, projects that do not address the ‘right’ issues and are not contributing to a paradigm shift, will find it hard to get funding approved, even with a well-written proposal

Key Takeaways

  • The capacity to demonstrate that proposed activities are the best possible option to achieve the objectives.
  • Understanding the difference between pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Understanding the relationship between risks and opportunities, the objectives, the activities envisaged, and the expected results.
  • How to present information substantiated by the logic framework.
  • Quantifying Outcomes properly and monitor with progress and impact indicators.

Course objective

  • Enable participants to Design the project in the right way to meet funding criteria.
  • Providing the required information concisely and in sufficient detail and quality.
  • Guidance on drafting a risk matrix which underlies the attractiveness of the project.
  • Enable innovative thinking to investment structuring to craft exit strategies for funders.

Course Syllabus

Business Advisory Clinic will enable Capacity to:


The BAC Feasibility Study program is designed to assist business owners and executives accelerate their business growth through accurate & knowledge-based decision-making. The feasibility Study outcome can provide you with a more detailed, industry-specific understanding of where your business is in the competitive landscape, as well as provide you with the required data for successful external investment. Allowing your business to reach new heights.

The final outcome of the BAC Feasibility Study course is a real-world project that fulfills all Funder Requirements presented in a professional Logic Framework, increasing confidence for all current & potential stakeholders

The BAC Feasibility Study Course is an incredibly valuable exercise at any point of your business lifespan, whether you are a start-up or an established business looking to expand, diversify or simply optimize your operations. By gathering research and market data that will provide a clear picture of where your business is positioned within your industry, you are able to identify clear opportunities, avoid potential stumbling blocks and set a growth trajectory that aligns with your goals.