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Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is the collaborative process of enhancing professional and personal growth through conversations & engagement with an experienced mentor, to help guide you in achieving your full potential. The relationship requires trust, honesty, accountability and commitment to accelerate the transformative improvements you desire both in your career and homelife.

Everyone, from CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs to middle-management all looking to achieve sustainable growth. Coaching can be facilitated as a one-on-one relationship or as a group within a team with shared goals & objectives.

Conventional training and education can be theoretically empowering but adapting these skills into real world application that meets the unique needs of your business/role & lifestyle can sometimes require assistance. When you or your organization feels out of balance or unable to transition into the next phase of advancement or expansion it can be frustrating and even at times costly. Professional coaching provides an environment of tailored, accelerated growth and development on an individual level through guidance, expert advice and skills transference. So the simple answer is the BAC coaching offer is ideal at any point in your career journey to maximize your potential.

The coaching programme can either be a short or long-term journey, it is reflective of both your objectives, as well as the real-world impact you experience through the process. We do however recommend a minimum of 3-month commitment to ensure maximum success.

General Training Course

We have provided reading & video resources associated with each individual development course allowing you to identify the most appropriate solution for your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any specific queries or a requested for additional resources

Enrollment in multiple BAC training courses is not only permitted but encouraged. By following a programme of the full suite of courses we can guarantee that you will be empowered with skills and knowledge to accelerate your career path. The courses do however run consecutively so please keep a sharp eye on the various start dates for your calendar. There is also an exclusive rate provided for individuals that sign up for all 4 courses at once.  

Our student liaison is on hand through the duration of your course to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter. Simply email and you will receive a response within 36-48 hours.

Your certificate will be provided digitally upon the successful completion of your course. It will be emailed either to the participant directly or corporate sponsor as requested within 2 weeks of completion. Please see here for the certification requirements

The BAC training programmes are designed specifically for learners already in the corporate world looking to upskill or further harness their potential. For this reason we are fully cognizant of the need for a flexible schedule in order to complete the weekly modules. Deadlines however will be fixed and you will be required to complete each module within the required time allotment in order to qualify for certification

To ensure a high level of confidence and quality in the BAC training program we do enforce basic requirements for final certification. Please see the rules & requirements here

The student platform provides video & downloadable text resources to assist you through your learning journey. The video tutorials do require online access, however downloadable transcripts will be made available to you along with the various workbooks and references to allow for offline work. All submissions and tests must be completed online.

Internet access and a reliable computer, laptop or tablet should be sufficient to complete all lessons and tasks.

If you would like to be waitlisted for an upcoming course please contact us here and our student liaison will be in touch with further details. Alternatively, if you would like to register for one of our live courses please select the Register Now button below the relevant course and proceed as per the instructions.

Business Simulation

A business simulation is an experiential learning tool where participants learn by running an industry specific virtual business in an interactive, risk-free, and realistic environment. Business simulations help practice and improve business skills, such as business acumen financial and market analysis, operations, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, communications & leadership

Participants are able to put theory into practice, we are able to boost participant engagement through a dynamic and engaging platform. It has been proved to result in higher knowledge retention as it provides participants with a practical environment for skills development. It also provides a risk-free platform for participants to fail and cope with uncertainty in order to build resilience and anticipate more constructive decision-making in the future.

The business simulations are modeled on real-world environments and common challenges that span over multiple industries. Regardless of whether your simulation is directly related to your business, the problem-solving skills and design thinking mindset developed through the program will empower you to resolve issues, optimize operations & initiate growth with confidence.

There can be as few as 3 participants and up to 1000 depending on your needs. Large groups are split into teams that compete not only against other teams within your organization but an international standard. Some programs such as the General Management program can be completed by individuals.

As with all of our BAC programmes we have dedicated client/student liaisons on hand to assist you with any queries you may have during your Business Simulation Program. Simply contact and you will receive a response within 36-48hrs.

  1. Ensure the competitiveness of your business in the long run
  2. Improve communication and teamwork between departments & colleagues
  3. Help managers make better decisions by taking other departments into account
  4. Help participants understand what decisions contribute to shareholder value
  5. Assists with talent acquisition and talent management
  6. Assist you to train cross-functional management teams in a virtual environment
  7. Improve your holistic understanding of your company’s business activities