Cohort Philosophy

Business Advisory Clinic offers the experience of collaborating with others to develop a strong peer network of fellow participants, benefitting from direct, timely and actionable advise and learnings.



Cohort-based learning is ideal for helping participants understand and apply soft skills which are critical in leadership development.

 It is often said that people are hired for technical skills and fired for lack of soft skills. Modern leaders cannot simply rely on industry knowledge and technical skills. They must be proficient at soft skills so they can effectively work with managers, peers, and employees.

A few of these skills include:

  • Making team members feel valued and included
  • Have difficult conversations with team members
  • Advocate for new ideas and initiatives
  • Effectively communicating up, across, and down the organizational chart


Cohort-based learning is a learning approach where individuals assemble to learn and collaborate about a specific subject at the same time. It is a common and proven approach used for in-person or online settings.

At Business Advisory Clinic, we created a leadership development platform that incorporates cohort-based learning methodology in a virtual environment.



Help all departments identify potential risks and make better-informed decisions.

Participants see the big picture as decisions made in the simulation affect all aspects of their business, allowing them to connect the dots and take a holistic approach to decision-making and problem-solving.



Engage teams around global objectives and in-still a continuous-improvement mindset.

Like any learning experience, impact is driven by quality content that closely relates to a specific context and can be understood and applied by the learner.

At Business Advisory Clinic, we have integrated the critical factors necessary to drive impactful learning that develops leaders and strengthens team relationships in a relatively short period of time and at scale.

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As a visionary leader striving to “make things happen” your journey should be guided by a cohort experience which stimulates and inspires learning as an ongoing process of development no matter your stage or age.