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Our Mission

Offering a professional road map to entrepreneurial success

Our Values Expressed Through Action

Our primary purpose is to help you identify your chief aim and then evolve it into a master plan.

We believe in:

  • Integrity, the quality of having strong moral principles.
  • Authenticity, being credible, authoritative and true to one’s nature.
  • Partnership, building strong and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Resilience, being able to effectively respond to challenge and disruption.
  • Commitment, to give yourself fully to a process, a critical ingredient for success.

Our Expertise

Learn more about what we do at Business Advisory Clinic and how we can help you as an entrepreneur or professional identify your essential purpose.

Patricia Norris

CEO & Founder: Business Advisory Clinic
Patricia Norris

Post Grad Diploma Design Thinking
NLP Pract

Patricia has transcended the journey from entrepreneur to corporate industrialist. As a female entrepreneur establishing herself in a male-dominated industry, namely nuclear power, and the rail industry. Patricia has prevailed through significant barriers to entry. These challenges became her battleground for opportunity, providing the bedrock of experience and resilience necessary to achieve success in the face of adversity.

Patricia’s value as a leader stems from her ability to engage in high-level thinking within each sphere of influence and in highly dynamic environments through her power of perception. She clearly understands the operational imperatives which drive performance in measures of output.


DTI Business Woman of the Year 2019

Standard Bank  Top Gender Empowered Business Finalist 2019

Leader of the Year African Rail Transport 2015

Patricia Norris is the founder of:

Business Advisory Clinic offers a unique value proposition supporting leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve inspired performance, an innovative cohort-based learning experience to fast track business know-how as well as offering professional business programs.

Established in 2018

Oasis WealthOasis Wealth is an outstanding micro lending and mortgage company attending to the needs of entrepreneurs, small businesses, real estate professionals and individual home buyers. We have access to a full range of micro-finance facilities; and we offer the right loan–with the best rates, terms and costs to meet our prospective customer’s needs.

Established in 2020

Convergence Technologies – leveraging corporate capital in global industrial and commercial projects to enhance customer success.

Established in 2019

Commuter Transport Engineering (CTE) the first black company wholly owned by a woman that was successfully contracted in 1998 by PRASA to build and renovate Metrorail coaches.

Established in 1998